In Reltio platform, Workflow (WF) is an out-of-the-box feature allowing users to manage business processes through a series of predetermined steps.

From a business user perspective, when a workflow is initiated (either manually or automatically) for a profile, it goes into a workflow state where an assigned user must take an appropriate action, such as review proposed changes or leave a comment.

Out-of-the-box Workflows

Reltio Connected Data Platform provides the workflow service to enable processes and tasks management, including the assignment and tracking of tasks. A workflow process supports a creator, a create date, a due date, an assignee, steps, and comments. While workflow business processes are configurable (see Workflow: Configuration and Customization), Reltio Connected Data Platform supports default workflows available for every tenant:

  • Potential Match Review
  • Delete Profile Review
  • Data Change Request Review

For more information, see Workflow Use Cases.

Custom Workflows

If a specific business process needs to be defined, customers and partners can use the Workflow Web-based Modeler to define custom processes. There are two main types of tasks that are used in workflows:
  • User tasks
  • Service tasks

User tasks represent steps in the workflow that will show up in the Inbox and require a user's action such as data validation or profile approval. Service tasks are steps in the workflow that do not show up in the Inbox and require some programmatic action. These steps invoke a specific Java class that is written to perform actions such as deleting a profile, merging profiles, or editing attributes. See Workflow: Configuration and Customization for information on configuration and customization of workflows. For information on Custom service tasks, listeners, and validators, see Workflow Customizations.

Roles and Security


Workflow requires users to have the workflow user role (ROLE_WORKFLOW) enabled.

All workflows are public, but only a workflow assignee may take action on a workflow. Workflows can be applied to Profiles and Potential Matches. You can configure the workflow owner and assignee to receive email notifications on when tasks are assigned, approved, or rejected.

Workflow Management

You can use the Workflow Web-based Modeler to define and modify the business processes. You can import an existing BPMN XML file or create process definitions through the Workflow Web-based Modeler user interface and deploy the process definition through Workflow Web-based Modeler to a specific tenant.