Filtering Tasks in All Folder

The All tab in the Inbox is enhanced with a new filter that allows you to view open and closed Workflow tasks.
Note: The Step Action taken field reflects appropriate actions against each workflow task based on the Step selected.
  1. In the All folder, click the Filter icon. All available filters are displayed.

  2. From the Status drop-down.

  3. Label for the Status filter is dynamic and depends on Step filter selected.

    When Step is selected, the label dynamically changes to Step action taken. For example:

    When Step is not selected, the Status label is available. You can select Open and Closed.

You are able to view tasks based on the filters defined.
Note: Somethings to consider while viewing tasks:
  • You cannot reassign, edit, comment, and perform actions on a closed task.
  • Tasks are displayed based on your access rights.