Usage and Billing Metrics

The Statistics page showcases key insights and statistics about existing tenants and environments.

The Statistics page includes billing metrics to provide users a more comprehensive view of their Reltio platform usage and quotas, which includes the following statistics:

  • Total number of consolidated profiles
  • Total number of reference profiles
  • Reltio storage unit
  • Count of entity types
  • Number of API calls
  • Number of active users

Each entity type is now classified to be of type consolidated or reference.

Consolidated and Reference Profiles

A Consolidated Profile is a unique profile managed to create and master by consolidating attributes from one or more sources. Tier size is based on the estimated count of consolidated profiles.

A Reference profile is included in a tenant from a single source and is referenced by a consolidated profile but is not mastered. This profile contributes to the total reltio storage unit quota limits.

Note: Each Master Data Management (MDM) entity type can contain either a reference profile or a consolidated profile. If an entity has at least one match rule, it can contain only consolidated profiles. If no match rules are present, it can contain only reference profiles.

Reltio Storage Unit

The Reltio Storage Unit is calculated for each tenant (by tenant ID) and represented in Gigabytes (GBs). It is calculated as follows:

Reltio storage unit = (Total Utilized Primary Tier Storage) + (Total Utilized Secondary Tier Storage)

Reltio Storage Units (RSUs) represent the total used primary and secondary storage for the selected tenant.

The following image shows the Usage and billing metrics section with information about consolidated profiles, reference profiles, Reltio storage unit, and the count of entity types:

  • The total number of reference profiles indicates a count of Reference profiles (by each entity type and total across all entity types) for each tenant (by tenantID).
  • The total number of consolidated profiles indicates a count of Consolidated profiles (by each entity type and total across all entity types) for each tenant (by tenantID).
  • Reltio storage unit size represented in gigabytes.
  • Count of entity types indicates the different types of entities in the tenant.