Default Schema

Learn about the Snowflake Default Schema.

This section explains the categories of tables that are created in the Snowflake database to host the imported profiles from the Reltio platform. You can also find information about the naming conventions used for profiles in the Snowflake database.

This table below explains the three categories created in Snowflake.

Table 1. Tables created in Snowflake
Category Type Purpose
source Table This table contains all data in raw JSON format.
ov Table This table contains operational value data in JSON format.
view Custom View This view is a simplified JSON view derived from the ov table (operational value table).

The table below explains the naming conventions used for profiles in Snowflake.

Table 2. Naming conventions used for profiles in Snowflake
Profile Convention Example
Entity Table: entity_<Entity Name>_ <Category>
  • entity_Individual_source
  • entity_Individual_ov
View: entity_<Entity Name> entity_Individual
Relation Table: relation_<Relation Name>_<Category>
  • relation_HasAddress_source
  • relation_HasAddress_ov
View: relation_<Relation Name> relation_HasAddress
Interaction Table: inter_<Interaction Name>_<Category>
  • inter_SalesOrder_source
  • inter_SalesOrder_ov
View: inter_<Interaction Name> inter_SalesOrder
Matches Table: matches_source matches_source
Merges Table: merges_source merges_source