About Refreshing a Sandbox

Refreshing a sandbox updates the metadata from the source organization. If the sandbox is a clone or if it uses a sandbox template, the refresh process updates the organization’s data and its corresponding metadata.

About Sandbox

Sandboxes are isolated from your production organization, so operations that you do in your sandboxes does not affect your production organization. There are four types of Sanboxes:
  1. Developer Sandbox
  2. Developer Pro Sandbox
  3. Partial Copy Sandbox
  4. Full Sandbox

The Developer Sandbox and Developer Pro Sandbox are used for development and testing in an isolated environment. A Developer Pro sandbox can even host larger data sets than a Developer Sandbox. You can use a Partial Copy Sandbox for quality assurance tasks such as user acceptance testing, integration testing, and training. Only Full Sandbox support performance testing, load testing, and staging. A Full sandbox is a replica of your production organization that includes all the data, such as object records, attachments, and metadata.

The Developer Sandbox and Developer Pro Sandbox contain only production metadata but Partial Copy Sandbox and Full sandbox may contain the production data as well.


Sandbox is required to be refreshed.


Note: You must not include Reltio Sync Settings managed package object into the Sandbox Template for the partial copy.
Do the following steps to resolve this issue:
  1. Go to Setup.
  2. In the Quick Find box, enter Sandboxes.
  3. Select Sandboxes.

    You can view and manage your existing sandboxes or create new ones.

  4. You must do the following for Full Sandbox:
    1. Navigate to Setup → Custom Settings → Reltio Sync Settings before refreshing to point to previous Organization ID to restore Profile ID value inside Reltio Sync Settings.
  5. Repeat all the steps in the Reltio Control Panel configuration wizard.