Storage Quota Limits

Quota limits can be defined for Storage on Reltio Connected Data Platform.

Table 1. Reltio Connected Data Platform - Storage
Item Definition Quota Limit Request Quota Increase
Media Storage Storage for media or archive 1 Terabyte (TB) included in Base tenant Additional storage can be purchased for a fee

The following table lists services related to tenant storage:

Table 2. Storage Related Services
Service Definition Comment
SnapShot Service A single copy of the data tenant during a key activity (testing or data load). This is a one-time operation where a copy of the customer’s tenant data is saved to a file storage system for future retrieval. You can purchase the SnapShot Service for a fee. Snapshot has a retention period of 7 days.
Recovery from Backup

A service to reinstate a tenant configuration and data from backup.

You can purchase the Recovery from Backup Service for a fee.

Tenant Cloning A service to copy a tenant configuration and data from one active environment into a different one. You can purchase the Clone service for a fee.