Installing MuleSoft

Install the MuleSoft app, Anypoint Studio, and the Reltio connectors as a set of plugins.

You will install the MuleSoft app, Anypoint Studio, and then download and install the Reltio connectors as a set of plugins. You will then be ready to build an application that uses the Reltio connectors. Use the following steps to install MuleSoft and the Reltio connectors:
  1. Download the MuleSoft connectors from Anypoint Studio.
  2. Install it in your Applications folder.
  3. Download the Reltio MuleSoft connector from theMuleSoft exchange at
  4. Open Anypoint Studio.
    The app displays the Select a Workspace dialog box (see below) if a workspace has not been selected previously from an earlier usage. This is the folder you use to store all your projects.
  5. Click Browse and choose a folder.

    The path to your workspace folder is entered into the Workspace area.

  6. Click the "Use this as the default and do not ask again" if you want to always use this folder and click OK.

    The Anypoint Studio main screen appears.

  7. Choose Help > Install New Software.

  8. Click once on Add.

    The Add Repository window appears.

  9. Give it the name "Reltio".
  10. Click on Archive.
    The Add Repository dialog box appears.
  11. Enter "Reltio" in the Name area.
  12. Click Archive.

    An open file dialog box appears.

  13. Select the

  14. Select Certified and the Reltio Connector (Mule 3.5.0+), as shown above.
  15. Click Next.

    The Install Details page appears.

  16. Click Next.
    The Review Licenses screen appears. You can display each agreement by expanding each section on the left panel.

  17. Review and accept the terms of the license agreements (if you choose) by clicking the "I accept the terms..." radio button.
    If you accept the terms of the license agreements, the Finish button is enabled.
  18. Click Finish to initiate the installation process.
    The installing Software progress indicator appears.

  19. When the installation is complete, a message box appears, informing you that you need to restart Anypoint Studio to complete installation. Click Yes to restart Anypoint.

  20. Relaunch Anypoint Studio. The Reltio connectors are now installed.