Reset the Not-a-Match Flag

You can remove entities marked as not-a-match to ensure that they can participate in matching.

When reviewing potential matches, data stewards mark certain match pairs as not matches. Such pairs are not considered for matching even if there is a data change to any of the records that form the match pair. Over a period of time, there is an accumulation of pairs that do not participate in matching even if there are data changes to such entities, which leads to undermatching and inaccurate match results.

You can choose to reset the not-a-match flag based on certain conditions. To enable reset of the not-a-match flag, contact Reltio Customer Support. If the flag is reset and you perform a data load, updated entities are checked if they are part of a match pair that is marked as not-a-match. If yes, then all such entities are removed from the not-a-match list to ensure such entities can participate in matching.

Sample Physical Configuration

  "matches": {
    "notMatches": {
      "conditionToRemove": {
    "asMatches": {
      "conditionToRemove": {
Note: The notMatches and asMatches conditions are configured separately.

The following condition types are available to remove entities from the not-a-match list:

  • NONE - To ignore any changes and not clear manual matches (the current platform behavior)
  • ANY - To remove when there is a change to any object
  • ANY_ATTRIBUTE - To remove on any attribute change (if attributes delta is available)
  • ANY_MATCHING_ATTRIBUTE - To remove if any matching attribute is changed