Reltio NPI HasAddress Attributes

Learn about the attributes that help in obtaining the master data of relationships between the HCP, HCO, and Location entities.

Reltio NPI HasAddress attributes help in obtaining the master data of relationships between HCP, HCO, and Location entities by mapping the data already available in the NPI data tenant with the relevant columns specified in the NPI source file and then transforming it.

Table 1. Reltio HasAddress Attributes
Attribute Name Attribute Type Sub-Attribute Name Data Type Description
AddressType Simple String Address Type
Phone Nested Type String

Type of Phone number

For example - Business, Fax

Phone Nested Number String Phone number
Phone Nested Extension String Extension, if any
Phone Nested Rank Int Rank used to assign priority to a Phone number
Phone Nested Active Boolean Active or not
BusinessCode Simple String Business Code
OfficeInformation Nested BestTimes String Best Times
OfficeInformation Nested ApptRequired Boolean Appointment required or not
OfficeInformation Nested OfficeNotes Blob Office Notes
DEA Nested Number String DEA Number
DEA Nested ExpirationDate Date DEA Expiration Date
DEA Nested Status String DEA Status
DEA Nested DrugSchedule String DEA Drug Schedule
Primary Simple Boolean Primary or not
AddressRank Simple Int Address Rank for priority
CareOf Simple String Care Of
Active Simple Boolean Active or not
SourceCD Simple String Source CD