This page gives details about Health Care Professional.

Health Care Professional-Under federal regulations, a "health care provider/professional " is defined as: a doctor of medicine or osteopathy, podiatrist, dentist, chiropractor, clinical psychologist, optometrist, nurse practitioner, nurse-midwife, or a clinical social worker who is authorized to practice by the State and performing within the scope of their practice as defined by State law, or a Christian Science practitioner. A health care provider also is any provider from whom the University or the employee's group health plan will accept medical certification to substantiate a claim for benefits.

Table 1. HCP
Property Value
URI configuration/entityTypes/HCP
Label HCP
Description Health Care Professional
Data Label Pattern FirstName MiddleName LastName, Credentials, Address
Name Attribute Type Sub-Attribute Name Data Type Description
Prefix Simple   String Prefix added before the name, for example, Mr, Ms, Dr
HCPID Simple   String An auto-generated unique id assigned to an HCP
Country Code Simple   RDM Country Code
Name Simple   String Name
FirstName Simple   String First Name
LastName Simple   String Last Name
MiddleName Simple   String Middle Name
SuffixName Simple   String Generation Suffix
Address Simple   Reference Full Address which includes Address Line 1, Zip, City, Country and so on.
DEABusinessActivity Simple   String Drug Enforcement Agency Business Activity
DEABusinessActivityPlusSubCode Simple   String Sub Code provided by Drug Enforcement Agency
BusinessActivityDescription Simple   String Business Activity Description as per DEA
PaymentIndicator Simple   String Payment Indicator as per DEA
Phone Nested Type String Type of Phone number, for example, Business, Fax
Phone Nested Number String Phone number
Phone Nested CountryCode String Two digit code for a Country
Phone Nested Extension String Extension, if any
Phone Nested Rank Int Rank used to assign priority to a Phone number
Phone Nested AreaCode String Area Code
Phone Nested LocalNumber String Number without Area Code
Phone Nested ValidationStatus String Validation Status denoting whether the number is valid or not
Phone Nested LineType String Line Type, for example, FIXED_LINE_OR_MOBILE
Phone Nested FormatMask String Format in which the number is saved, for example, (nnn) nnn-nnnn
Phone Nested DigitCount Int Number of Digits
Phone Nested GeoArea String Geological area name
Phone Nested GeoCountry String Geological country name
Email Nested Type String Type of Email, for example, Home
Email Nested Email String Email address
Email Nested Rank Int Rank used to assign priority to a Email
Email Nested Active Boolean Status of Email
Email Nested Domain String Domain on which Email is created
Email Nested DomainType String Domain Type, for example, PUBLIC
Email Nested Username String Username part of Email address
Email Nested ValidationStatus String Validation Status denoting whether the Email is valid or not
WebsiteURL Simple   URL Website URL
Status Simple   String Status, for example, Active or Inactive
PreferredName Simple   String Preferred Name
Nickname Simple   String Nickname
Gender Simple   String Gender
DateofBirth Simple   Date Date of Birth
YoB Simple   Int Birth Year
BirthCity Simple   String Birth City
BirthState Simple   String Birth State
BirthCountry Simple   String Birth Country
DateofDeath Simple   Date Date of Death
YearofDeath Simple   Int Year of Death
Identifiers Nested Type String Identifier Type
Identifiers Nested ID String Identifier ID
Identifiers Nested Status String Identifier Status
Identifiers Nested ActivationDate Date Identifier ActivationDate
Identifiers Nested DeactivationReasonCode String Identifier Deactivation Reason Code
Identifiers Nested DeactivationDate Date Identifier Deactivation Date
Identifiers Nested ReactivationDate Date Identifier Reactivation Date
Specialities Nested SpecialtyType String Type of Specialty, e.g. Secondary
Specialities Nested Primary Boolean Whether Primary Specialty or not
Specialities Nested Specialty String Specialty of the entity, e.g., Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Specialities Nested Group String Group, Specialty belongs to
Specialities Nested SpecialtyDetail String Description of Specialty
License Nested Category String Category License belongs to, for example, International
License Nested Number String State License INTEGER. A unique license INTEGER is listed for each license the physician holds. There is no standard format syntax. Format examples: 18986, 4301079019, BX1464089. There is also no limit to the INTEGER of licenses a physician can hold in a state. Example: A physician can have an inactive resident license plus unlimited active licenses. Residents can have as many as four licenses since some states issue licenses every year.
License Nested BoardCode String State License Board Code. For AMA The board code will always be AMA.
License Nested State String State License State. Two character field. USPS standard abbreviations.
License Nested Degree String State License Degree. A physician may hold more than one license in a given state. However, not more than one MD or more than one DO license in the same state.
License Nested Type String State License Type. U = Unlimited there is no restriction on the physician to practice medicine; L = Limited implies restrictions of some sort. For example, the physician may practice only in a given county, admit patients only to particular hospitals, or practice under the supervision of a physician with a license in state or private hospitals or other settings; T = Temporary issued to a physician temporarily practicing in an underserved area outside his/her state of licensure. Also granted between board meetings when new licenses are issued. Time span for a temporary license varies from state to state. Temporary licenses typically expire 6-9 months from the date they are issued; R = Resident License granted to a physician in graduate medical education (for example, residency training).
License Nested Status String State License Status. A = Active. Physician is licensed to practice within the state; I = Inactive. If the physician has not reregistered a state license OR if the license has been suspended or revoked by the state board; X = unknown. If the state has not provided current information Note: Some state boards issue inactive licenses to physicians who want to maintain licensure in the state although they are currently practicing in another state.
License Nested ExpirationDate Date License Expiration Date
License Nested IssueDate Date State License Issue Date
License Nested BrdDate Date State License as of date or pull date. The as of date (or stamp date) is the date the current license file is provided to the Database Licensees.
License Nested SampleEligibility String License Sample Eligibility
License Nested Comment String Comment
Taxonomy Nested Taxonomy String Taxonomy related to HCP, for example, Obstetrics & Gynecology
Taxonomy Nested Type String Type of Taxonomy, for example, Primary
Taxonomy Nested Group String Group Taxonomy belongs to
Taxonomy Nested ProviderType String Taxonomy Provider Type
Taxonomy Nested Classification String Classification of Taxonomy
Taxonomy Nested Specialization String Specialization of Taxonomy
Taxonomy Nested Priority String Taxonomy Priority
Certificates Nested CertificateId String Certificate Id of Certificate received by HCP
Certificates Nested Name String Name of Certificate
Certificates Nested BoardId String Board Id assigned to Certificate
Certificates Nested BoardName String Name of Board that issued Certificate
Certificates Nested InternalHCPStatus String Internal HCP Status of Certificate
Certificates Nested InternalHCPInactiveReasonCode String Internal HCP Inactive Reason Code of Certificate
Certificates Nested InternalSamplingStatus String Internal Sampling Status of Certificate
Certificates Nested PVSEligibilty String PVS Eligibilty of Certificate
Certificates Nested Specialty String Specialty for which Certificate is issued
Certificates Nested IssueDate Date Issue Date of Certificate
ProfType Simple   String Profession Type of HCP, for example, Physician
Credentials Simple   String Credentials of HCP, for example, MD
Education Nested SchoolName String School Name
Education Nested Type String Type of Education
Education Nested Degree String Degree of Education
Education Nested GPA Number GPA scored in the Degree
Education Nested YearsInProgram Int Year in Grad Training Program, Year in training in current program
Education Nested StartYear Int Start Year of Education
Education Nested EndYear Int End Year of Education
Education Nested FieldofStudy String Specialty Focus or Specialty Training
Education Nested CumulativeYearsOfTraining String Cumulative Years Of Training of Education
PrivacyPreferences Nested AMANoContact Boolean Can be Contacted through AMA or not
PrivacyPreferences Nested PDRP Boolean Physician Data Restriction Program enrolled or not
PrivacyPreferences Nested PDRPDate Date Physician Data Restriction Program enrolment date
PrivacyPreferences Nested OptOutStartDate Date Opt Out Start Date
PrivacyPreferences Nested PhoneOptOut Boolean Opted Out for being contacted on Phone or not
PrivacyPreferences Nested EmailOptOut Boolean Opted Out for being contacted through Email or not
PrivacyPreferences Nested FaxOptOut Boolean Opted Out for being contacted through Fax or not
PrivacyPreferences Nested TextMessageOptOut Boolean Opted Out for being contacted through Text Message or not
PrivacyPreferences Nested MailOptOut Boolean Opted Out for being contacted through Mail or not
MajorProfessionalActivity Simple   String Major Professional Activity
PresentEmployment Simple   String Present Employment
TypeOfPractice Simple   String Type Of Practice
Solo Simple   Boolean Working as Solo or not
Group Simple   Boolean Working as Group or not
Administrator Simple   Boolean Working as Administrator or not
Research Simple   Boolean Working as Research unit or not
ClinicalTrials Simple   Boolean Working as Clinical Trials unit or not
Sanction Nested SanctionId String Court sanction Id for any case.
Sanction Nested ActionCode String Court sanction code for a case
Sanction Nested ActionDescription String Court sanction Action Description
Sanction Nested BoardCode String Court case board id
Sanction Nested BoardDesc String court case board description
Sanction Nested ActionDate Date Court sanction Action Date
Sanction Nested SanctionPeriodStartDate Date Sanction Period Start Date
Sanction Nested SanctionPeriodEndDate Date Sanction Period End Date
Sanction Nested MonthDuration String Sanction Duration in Months
Sanction Nested FineAmount String Fine Amount for Sanction
Sanction Nested OffenseCode String Offense Code for Sanction
Sanction Nested OffenseDescription Blob Offense Description for Sanction
Sanction Nested OffenseDate Date Offense Date for Sanction
GSASanction Nested SanctionId String Sanction Id of HCP as per GSA Saction list
GSASanction Nested FirstName String First Name of HCP as per GSA Saction list
GSASanction Nested MiddleName String Middle Name of HCP as per GSA Saction list
GSASanction Nested LastName String Last Name of HCP as per GSA Saction list
GSASanction Nested SuffixName String Suffix Name of HCP as per GSA Saction list
GSASanction Nested City String City of HCP as per GSA Saction list
GSASanction Nested State String State of HCP as per GSA Saction list
GSASanction Nested Zip String Zip of HCP as per GSA Saction list
GSASanction Nested ActionDate String Action Date for GSA Saction
GSASanction Nested TermDate String Term Date for GSA Saction
GSASanction Nested Agency String Agency that imposed Sanction
GSASanction Nested Confidence String Confidence as per GSA Saction list
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Channel Type String Channel type for the consent. For example, email, SMS, and so on.
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Channel Value String Value of the channel for consent. For example, if channel type is email, channel value is the email ID of the individual such as: john.deo@gmail.com.
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Channel Consent RDM The consent for the corresponding channel and the ID - yes or no.
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Start Date Date Start date of the consent.
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Expiration Date Date Expiration date of the consent.
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Communication Type String Communication purpose that the individual prefers. For example, new product launches, discounted sales, brand-level news.
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Communication Frequency String Communication Frequency shows how often an individual can be contacted. For example, weekly, monthly, or annually.
Multi-channel Communication Consent Nested Channel Preference Flag Boolean When selected, it shows the preferred channel of communication.
Speaker Nested IsSpeaker Boolean If HCP is a Speaker or not
Speaker Nested Manufacturer String Manufacturer of Speaker
Speaker Nested Brand String Brand of Speaker
KaiserProvider Simple   Boolean If HCP is a member of Kaiser Provider
ImageLinks Simple   Image URL Image Links
DocumentLinks Simple   URL Document Links
VideoLinks Simple   URL Video Links
Description Simple   Blob Description
Credential Nested Rank Int Rank of Credential to prioritize
Credential Nested Credential String Credential of HCP, for example, MD
MiddleInitial Simple   String Middle Initial. This attribute is populated from Middle Name
Title Simple   String Title of HCP
PresumedDead Simple   Boolean If the HCP is Presumed Dead
StatusUpdateDate Simple   Date Date when the Status was updated
StatusReasonCode Simple   String Reason for Status Update, for example, Duplicate, Simple modification