Change of D&B DUNS Number

During the data enrichment process, if the DUNS number has changed on the D&B side, then the DUNS number gets updated along with the other updates.

On successful completion of the D&B enrichment, the Vendor Verification Status, Vendor Verification Date, and DUNS Number attributes are updated by the D&B connector.

The following attributes are updated as a part of the of the D&B enrichment process:

  • Vendor Verification Status is updated based on the response data received from D&B.

    Table 1. Vendor Verification Status Based on D&B Recertification Response Data
    Vendor Verification Status is set to... If...
    Enrichment Error(EE) An error is encountered while processing an organization's append data request.
    Out of Business(EO) An organization is out of business and may come back into the business at a later date.
    Recertified(ER) An organization sent to D&B for recertification is successfully recertified.
    URI Mismatch(MU) The selected organization's data is already available with the DUNS number in the Reltio tenant.
  • Vendor Verification Date is set to the current date and time. It shows that the organizations are recertified and can be distinguished from those that have been through match and append process.

  • DUNS Number

    If the DUNS number of the organisation is changed, then the new DUNS number is updated along with the appended data. If there is no change in the organization’s DUNS number, then the DUNS number provided for processing remains untouched.

    The data returned by D&B include:

  • Organization's Name

  • DUNS Number

  • Address of the D&B Global Ultimate, Domestic Ultimate and HQ (Head Quarter)/Parent Companies

  • Append data that is the actual data updated with the latest D&B data. For more information, see Account 360 Data Model.

  • Organization's D&B Hierarchy update.

  • For more details on how to handle address types and flags, see Handling of Addresses.

  • D&B's Service Level Agreement (SLA) specifies 48 hours time for processing the data sent to D&B for recertification.